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    Terms and Conditions

    The independent travel agency website FlyoDeals aims to provide information and guidance on the flight change policies, procedures, and exceptions of many significant airlines that operate globally. Since the first day, we joined the market, we have been strict about offering the best facilities while being up to speed with airline requirements. The following terms and conditions apply to all content, items, features, and services made available on or via the FlyoDeals website. It's advisable to keep current with the terms and conditions of all the websites you use, not just this one.

    By using this website to make reservations, change flights, cancel your booking, and get important information regarding airline policies, you agree to the terms and conditions of FlyoDeals. If you disagree with any of the topics covered on this page, you are strongly advised against utilizing the website and the services and information it offers.

    • You must be at least 18 years old to use this website.
    • The website's data cannot be altered in any way, and no copies, displays, licenses, publications, or sales are allowed.
    • You are not permitted to make any fake or fraudulent flight reservations.
    • If you commit fraud, we reserve the right to bring legal action against you.
    • On the website, you must provide accurate and complete information about yourself.
    • If there is a problem between us that needs to be resolved, you must contact us to do so.
    • The links on this website are just provided for your convenience and do not represent our endorsement of or agreement with their terms and conditions.

    We elaborate our terms in the following pointers which should be kept in mind while using our website, services, and other amenities.

    The refund period for cancellations made within 24 hours of the booking window is 48-72 hours. To obtain an authorization code for an urgent refund, you must contact your bank.

    If you have canceled a flight directly with the airline, you must let FlyoDeals know about it. After deducting the service charge and taxes, we return you the base fare.

    Until the flight buying procedure is complete, there is no guarantee about the prices of the tickets. Prices could change at any time without prior warning. If for any reason, including a technical glitch, the fare for which you made your reservation is no longer available, FlyoDeals will provide you with alternative options. You have the full right to either accept the new option at the current price or cancel your reservation without incurring any additional fees. The flight ticket will be sent to you via email within 4 hours after full payment rearealizationce the booking is complete and the payment process is finished. In Ifpayment is declared invalid owing to insufficient funds or a credit card problem, you will be notified through email or phone. It is entirely the customer's responsibility to speak with the bank or credit card company and find a solution for fore ticket to be cleared. Customers are not allowed to change their names after making a reservation, and additional fees may be assessed if more than one card is used to book a flight. Any errors with the booking or the tickets must be reported to FlyoDeals the same day that they are issued. In the event of a flight cancellation or alteration, the airlines may charge a fine or penalty. In addition, some non-refundable tickets may be used again in byrline policies. Airlines charge the full ticket price in the event of no-shows or tickets that are only partially utilized; there is no reimbursement. The length of the refunding process varies between airlines. The refund money typically takes 10 to 12 weeks to appear in the customer's bank account. Only the original mode of payment is used to process the refund amount.

    The typical duration of the flight ticket's validity is one year from the date of issuance. However, the validity might not be achievable in some circumstances due to various airfare constraints. To learn more about this, speak with the airlines directly. The terms "domestic" and "international" refer to all flights that take place outside of the United StaStatesfty states. For domestic flights, the recommended check-in time is two hours, while for international flights, it is three hours. Not less than three days before departure, you must directly confirm the seat or any special services with the airline. Travelers who are under 24 months old at the time of travel are eligible for the infant fare; otherwise, a child fare will be charged. As the unaccompanied policy varies between airlines, you are encouraged to get in touch with our support center before making any reservations for unaccompanied minors.

    It is You exclusively mustsure that all the information provided on your travel documents is accurate and error-free, especially if the flight is operated by a codeshare partner. You should notify us right away if there is any contradiction. No visas are offered by FlyoDeals for any nation. Please arrange for your visa in the accbytravel schedule before the departure date. The airlines or the nation's visa embassy can provide you with more information on visas. FlyoDeals is merely a platform for booking flights; it disclaims all responsibility for airline delays, cancellations, or rescheduling. Customers who have booked through our platform can count on us to make fresh arrangements up to the time you check in with the airline. For any support required after check-in, you must communicate directly with the airline. Any implicit fees for modifications or adjustments to the flight ticket must be paid to the airline directly at the time of the request.

    On our website, certain actions are not permitted

    We, our affiliates, or our suppliers either own the infrastructure that is utilized to provide the content and information on this website (which may include but is not limited to price and the availability of travel services). Except for making a few copies of your travel itinerary, you agree not to change, copy, transmit, distribute, display, perform, publish, reproduce, license, transfer, or sell any information, products or services, or software you get through this website. Additionally, you consent to refrain from:

    • Use this website or any of its content for any kind of profit-making endeavor.
    • Make any ambiguous, unreliable, or dishonest reservations.
    • Access or copy any information or content on this website using an automated system or manual process without first obtaining the necessary consent from us.
    • Disregard the restrictions on the Website or make an effort to evade other security measures in place to prevent or limit access to this Website.
    • Take part in any activity that, in our opinion, places an excessive burden on our infrastructure.
    • Without our prior consent, use any portion of this website, including but not limited to the path of purchase for any travel service(s), for any purpose.
    • Without our prior consent, copy, frame, or otherwise, incorporate any portion of this Website onto another website.

    If you commit any of the mentioned prohibited acts then:

    If any of the prohibited acts have been carried out, FlyoDeals reserves the right to cancel any reservations for travel or services made in your name, using your email address, or through your account, as well as to close any associated FlyoDeals accounts.

    If you have engaged in fraudulent behavior, FlyoDeals reserves the right to take any legal action that may be necessary, and you may be liable for paying a charge to FlyoDeals that may include litigation expenses as well as damages.

    If you want to contest the cancellation of a reservation or the freezing or closing of an account, please get in touch with FlyoDeals Customer Service.

    Final words about our terms and conditions

    You should be aware that FlyoDeals retains the right to change the Terms and Conditions whenever it sees fit, without previous notice to users. When a policy is changed or updated on our website, it takes effect immediately. Therefore, for your interest, please keep yourself informed of our Terms and Conditions.

    Any representation, description, terms and conditions listed here or in the FlyoDeals brochure, or other terms and conditions controlling the flights the traveler is booking that are permitted by the FlyoDeals, may only be altered, supplemented, modified, or waived in writing by FlyoDeals.

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    Credit Card Fraud Prevention :- To avoid the fraud transactions, passengers are required to fill up an authorization form to verify their payment information for certain transactions. You have to send this form to us with the copy (front and back) of your government approved photo ID. You can also send the picture of your credit card (be sure to hide first twelve digits on the card) to our customer support email address which is We generally ask for aforementioned documents in case: if credit card holder is not the passenger and it is third party transaction, if you want to travel to a destination for which we have had fraud transactions more than three in the past, if the departure date is within coming 30 days of if the card used is billed outside the USA.

    The "Phone Deal" is an Economy/Business/First class fare which is based on certain conditions of travel. The travel conditions include weekday travel; minimum and maximum stay and are for specific travel period. There are other restrictions which may apply and our sales representative will assist you to know them. This fare is subject to availability of seats and class of service and considering all the conditions of travel. This fare is non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable. The fare and its governing rules are subject to change without any prior notice. The baggage fee imposed by the airline is not included in secret deal fare.

    Disclaimer Subject to limitation and extent permitted by law, Flyodeals will be liable for direct damages only incurred by the user due to shortcomings of our services further to be decided by both parties. Flyodeals is merely an agent (not are seller) bridging the gap between people who are willing to travel and travel service providers. Flyodeals does not own or manage any of the travel services listed on the website, neither is it associated with any such travel service provider. Acting as a mediator, Flyodeals holds no responsibility for services not executed by the third-party vendor and does not endorse or insure services being rendered by service providers or reimburse in case of loss. Complaints or any claim with respect to the services, cost, special requests, are to be directly taken with the service provider. Flyodeals disclaims liabilities with respect to reimbursements and com plaints by the customer.

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